The race to the bottom continues unabated with ever more club (sub)mergers, player selections and trials at increasingly younger ages, coupled with financial and resource constraints, all of which amount to a crisis of opportunity for our young athletes to engage with and participate in the world’s game.

Is it any wonder clubs in New Zealand and around the world are struggling to survive, eventually falling prey to, and consumed by the “super” clubs in their vicinity. This is proposed as the way forward by our governing bodies. But what if there was another way to ensure that clubs not only survive, but flourish in the long term on their own terms?

At TOFFA we are passionate about and dedicated to helping clubs do just that. We believe that the key to growing the game is to have more, not less clubs, able to implement their own coach, player and parent education programmes, thereby enabling more quality participation opportunities for their young athletes, securing long term financial, social and sporting success.

Having already had success implementing a holistic club wide approach to player and coach development, we are well placed to pass on our own experiences to clubs who are looking for an alternative approach to ensure their own long term survival and sustainability, whilst providing quality, all inclusive participation opportunities for their young athletes.

If you are keen to improve your club offering, whilst ensuring long term sustainability and success, please use the contact form to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.