Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to inquire about organising a Soccer Italian Style Coaches Clinic for your club or organisation.

For years Soccer Italian Style has organized coaching clinics for coaches involved with players aged 5 to 18. The clinics are structured by alternating classroom time, aided by video clips, with on-field practical sessions.

During the practical lesson young players of the organizing soccer club, are used for the demonstration of the exercises, paying particular attention that the appropriate age group is used based on the topic of the lesson. This element allows the coaches attending the clinic to observe directly the methodology and rapport between player-instructor proposed by Soccer Italian Style. It also allows the young players to experience dynamic competitive and intense sessions.

During the classroom session the instructors use various video clips from the Soccer Italian Style DVD’s or directly from the training sessions of the professional clubs where Mirko and Simone have worked in the last 10+ years.

Some of the main themes considered are:

  • Organization of a seasonal plan
  • Specific objectives by age group
  • The organization of a training session
  • Development of technical/tactical fundamental
  • Motor coordination abilities
  • Many other themes that from time to time it is possible to design based on specific needs and requirement.

The objective of the clinic is the presentation of the programs and working project of Soccer Italian Style: an innovative way to teach soccer. The main focus of the project is the development of the young player through the following concepts:

  1. Seasonal plan of the technical, tactical and athletic work
  2. The organization of the training session based on the age levels of the players
  3. The introduction of a new methodology for the younger age levels U5-U8
  4. The improvement of the technical fundamentals along with the parallel improvement of motor skills

The coaching clinics of Soccer Italian Style are highly informative because they include an in-depth theory element in classroom, with the aid of various video clips from actual training sessions and from the DVD’s produced by Soccer Italian Style, and a practical element on the field where the instructors and coaches can observe the working methodology.

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